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Bowaters AEC Mammoth Major MkIII

Bowaters AEC Mammoth Major MkIII

Bowater’s of Sittingbourne, Kent had a fine fleet of vehicles for the haulage of newsprint rolls and most of them were A.E.C’s like this example heading up the A2 trunk road to the capital circa 1960. The A.E.C. Mammoth Major MKIII is perhaps THE classic British lorry with a grace all its own and faultless engineering.

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  1. Andrew_S_Hatton says:

    This is a wonderful picture – thank you for producing and publishing it.

    I am reminded of my time living in Sittingbourne in the very early 1970s when much that went on at Kemsley Mill impacted upon us in the town.

    However in your illustration you place the vehicle on the A2 and yet your painting includes in the picture the signpost of a roundabout just outside Epsom, so the vehicle painted has a good way to go before Kemsley and is not near the Kemsley turn from the A2!

    Go well.

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