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Bristol K’s at Weymouth

Bristol K’s at Weymouth

Loading at King’s Statue, Weymouth these two Bristol K types of Southern National might appear to be the same because the bodies are both by Eastern Coach Works but the bus aficionado would know that the bus on the left, fleet No 1250, is a 1952 KSW6B low-bridge and its sister on the right, fleet No 822, a 1939 K5G high-bridge.

Both, of course, are K types but 822 was the standard K being 26ft long and 7ft 6ins wide with a Gardner 5 cylinder engine and 14ft 6ins high body, hence 5G, whereas 1250 was 27ft long, (curiously classified S) 8ft wide, with a Bristol six-cylinder engine and 13ft 6ins high body, so quite simple really.

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