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Flavel’s Sentinel DV44

Flavel’s Sentinel DV44

The Sentinel lorry was a very well engineered vehicle with an unconventional horizontal engine mounted in an under-slung position behind the cab produced in four-wheeled and six-wheeler form and when introduced was ahead of its time with a stylish all-steel sliding door cab.

These lorries were very popular with breweries because with no engine intrusion in the cab three men could be accommodated but this example was employed in the delivery of cooking stoves and heaters made by Flavel of Leamington Spa and is seen here passing through a typical English landscape in pre-motorway days.

In a nine year production run only 650 DV44s were produced so the Sentinel was a rare sight indeed, but undoubtedly a pleasurably one with arguably one of the best looking cabs ever to grace the humble lorry.

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