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Guy Big J Blue Cement

Guy Big J Blue Cement

Although a most successful company with record sales of its heavy lorry Invincible range Guy Motors, Wolverhampton got into financial difficulties because of its South African enterprise and escalating warranty costs on the unfortunate Wulfrunian bus project which led to the purchase of the firm by Jaguar cars in 1961.

The replacement for the Invincible was the Big J which proved to be a competitively priced and a reliable best seller at home and overseas so things looked rosy again for the dedicated and skilled workforce at Fallings Road, Wolverhampton but a sell out to British Leyland by Jaguar in 1966 sealed the fate of Guy Motors.

Despite a full order book for eighteen months ahead the Guy plant was closed by its parent British Leyland in 1982… an act of criminal folly by the arrogant management at Leyland to kill off competition to its inferior product.

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